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Got 10 minutes? You can do this workout.

Originally written for The Washington Post, October 11, 2017 We often get derailed in our exercise routines because we can’t fit the perfect workout into our day. We think we must go to a gym, or a certain class, or use a particular technique. And we end up doing nothing at all. According to the annual … Read more →

14 tools and tips that could be game-changers for your wellness routine

Originally written for The Washington Post, November 9th, 2017 As a native San Franciscan, I pride myself on my parallel-parking skills. But now that I have a reverse camera in my car, I wonder how I ever parked before this technology. It’s changed my whole experience. With food and exercise, too, a simple tool or … Read more →

A measly 1% could change your life

A week has 168 hours, if you spent 2 hours a week meal prepping/batch cooking – a measly 1% of your week, I’m extremely confident you would be at a happier weight, overall healthier, create a positive relationship with food and have less anxiety and stress during the week.  Seriously! And I’m not one to guarantee anything, … Read more →

"I thrive on supporting people to feel confident in their nutrition decisions. They feel empowered to take care of themselves and live healthier lifestyles."

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