Personal Nutritional Counseling

Jae’s passion is working with her clients to find what inspires them to not only eat healthier, but also to enjoy the food they eat and the new lifestyle they’re creating.

In a one-on-one nutrition session, the first question Jae asks is, “Walk me through a typical day”. Once she has a better understanding of your daily routine, she creates a strategy to fit in healthy eating and activity. Jae’s main goal is to lower internal stress in the body so you can use food more efficiently and feel more energized.

At first, one will notice Jae is planning your day. A huge factor in eating healthier and living well is creating a daily schedule that works for you, rather than let the day control you. Finding a routine that works with your lifestyle can truly change your life.

Jae is with you every step of the way … until you set yourself free on your own, self-charted, healthier course.


Corporate Wellness

Jae Berman Nutrition is adept at crafting wellness programs for your company. Jae works very closely with management to create a program that fits within the corporate confines and benefits the individual employee. Jae provides on-site talks to groups, one-on-one counseling to employees, and cooking and exercise demonstrations to promote a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle.

Simple strategies can be used to make big differences. What food and appliances are available in the office kitchen? What food options are available for work lunches? Can a lunchtime walking club be created? When can a workout fit into the day? Oftentimes, people at work do not realize all the small changes they can make to improve their health and wellness.

As Jae works with individual employees, they begin to live healthier, work smarter, and enjoy their everyday routine. They also become more productive and reduce a company’s benefit expense. Everyone wins when a company gets healthier together.