Everyone is talking about going local. Many are motivated to do so because they like knowing their food is grown near by, many notice how much better local food tastes while others want to support local business. Regardless of your motivation – JUST DO IT! Supporting our farmers and small food businesses, putting food dollars into our local community and gaining awareness of where your food comes from are all good things. It is a win-win.

There is a new company that is making eating locally so easy I just had to spread the love. Good Eggs is a website where you can go online and order local food products from a variety of vendors. You can buy fresh food, prepared foods or even dinner from a restaurant. You pick up your goodies at various food hubs in the city or have food delivered right to your house or office. I mean, how easy and wonderful is that? Go get em!

This is your opportunity to be proactive in supporting small food makers (who desperately need our help!), try something you have not tasted before, eat high quality foods, gain knowledge of where your food is coming from and eat delicious foods!

Like I said…GO GET EM!