Yes, he is one good looking man and seems to be having fun no matter what he does…and says things like “All right all right all right…” and people love him – but why is Matthew McConaughey such a lucky man? He is married to a gorgeous woman who understands the importance of COOKING IN BULK

Forget the Academy Award…this man won the all mighty prize. McConaughey’s wife, Camilla Alves was featured on the Today Show last week as part of their week long series on skillet dinners.  Meals that can be made for the whole family in one skillet. Easy, quick, tasty – and easily made into leftovers for meals later in the week. Alves did a great segment on meat sauce, cooked three ways that can be enjoyed throughout the week or frozen for later. There were some other great dishes as well such as shrimp/veggie/noodle stir fry and an awesome stew/chili from Giada de Laurentiis. 

You know how I feel about this – cooking in bulk could save the world! We would all eat more homemade food, cooking would be less stressful, we would have more time to eat and share with our family and eating whole real foods would be effortless.

Our waist lines would shrink, our stress levels would decrease and living a healthy life would be within reach. Like a said, we could change the world if we cooked in bulk.

Try it! Cook 2-3 times the portion you normally make. Trust me. It is a game changer. Make it happen. Your week will go smoothly and eating healthy will be a way of life rather than a chore.