A client forwarded this article to me last week and I had to share. So simple. So clear. So real.

Yes, I am a dietitian and talk nutrition all day long…and work in nutrition research…but the truth is we do not really know that much about nutrition. Kinda crazy considering how much people spend on nutrition products and programs and how many claims there are out there suggesting results. Little has been proven, everyone seems to have unique nutritional needs and our food system is so complicated that it is difficult to know what we are really eating.

Please read this article and take a breath. Remind yourself to not stress out about your food choices. Eat whole, real food. Do not believe in the fads and quick fixes. Eat with your friends and family. Be honest with yourself about how you are feeling…and what is the right mix of nutrients for you.

Take care of yourself. Nurture yourself with food that makes you feel good. Keep it simple.