A common frustration and concern I hear as folks learn how to eat better or pay more attention to food is that they are now “hyper-focused and obsessed” with what they are eating…”is this healthy?”

“I am reading every ingredient, I am asking waiters what is in all the food I order, I am looking at menus before I go to restaurants, I am thinking about food differently now that I know where my food comes from…am I obsessed? This can’t be good…right?”

It is tricky as of course, I do not want to spark disordered eating or a clinical eating disorder, but many are surprised that I am usually ok with this pattern…and here is why.

  1. It will get easier – when you start this process, it involves a lot of work and attention. However, it gets easier. You learn recipes that work for you, grocery shopping becomes a quick errand, you will be an ordering pro and it all becomes habitual rather than effortful.
  2. I like everyone paying more attention to food! We need to! So many of us do not know what we are putting in our bodies and that scares me. We eat mindlessly and have no awareness of our food habits, the choices we make around food and most of us are not taking ownership in our decisions around food. I want you to be mindful! I want you to be aware. That is the only way you are going to achieve success. 

While I am not trying to make you all neurotic…I am ok with a little crazy. A little obsessiveness may do you some good. Just a bit…

I mean, I am totally normal right? You see? It all works out.