I was meeting with one of my weight loss groups participating in the study at Stanford I am working on and one participant opened up that he is struggling. Really struggling. He knows what to do, is eating healthy food that is in line with the low carbohydrate diet he is assigned to as part of the study, but he is gaining weight. When the study started he lost about 15 pounds, but has since put back 10 and is feeling stuck and frustrated.

When I asked him to describe his day, it starts off super lean, meal times are planned and organized, early morning workout and small meals planned thereafter…and then he gets home and overeats. He said his wife gets home later than he does so while waiting for her, he ends up munching on any and everything he can get his hands on. He isn’t going for junk. He is eating whole, real food such as cheese, hummus, vegetables, nuts, fruit, more cheese…and more cheese. You see, he is assigned to a low carbohydrate plan for the study so cheese is allowed!

We talked it out as a group and got a good discussion going since so many could relate. The group expressed the difficulties in staying on the plan, and how hard it can be when eating out and social situations, and how “skinny” people have it so easy….the frustrations, concerns and excuses were flowing and everyone was venting on how much losing weight sucks! 

There was a moment of silence and then the struggling participant took a breath and simply said, “I know I need to own it. I need to own this process. I need to take care of myself, be good to myself and completely own this experience. That is what I need to do. That is what I want to do. I can do this.” 

He took my breath away. I was so proud of him as I understand how scary it is to own it. To really jump in and own the weight loss process. Not only take on the responsibility of losing weight, but owning the new life that he wants to live.

Could this be what is holding some of you back? That you are not ready or able to own it yet?

What does “Owning It” mean to you?

  1. Saying no to that second glass of wine…that third glass of wine
  2. Carving out time on the weekend to batch cook/meal prep for the week
  3. Saying no to that dessert because you don’t even want it. Eat it when you want it, not just because it is there or everyone else is eating.
  4. Going for your annual physical so you know your data
  5. Thinking about your day in advance and planning ahead for busy/hectic/stressful moments – always having a Plan B is owning it
  6. Stopping mid afternoon and eating a balanced meal rather than a cookie and coffee
  7. Get out of the diet mentality and start creating sustainable habits
  8. Believe you can do it!
  9. Waking up early to exercise….or going for that workout in the evening…or at your lunch break
  10. Sharing with friends that you need support, and that you want this time to change your life for the long run.

It can be scary! Changing your habits is no joke! But I believe it is worth it, that you are worth it and if you OWN IT the time to change is now. 

So go get em! Jump in. Own it and get excited for the new you!