This Thursday I am going to be on a TV show called Home on ABC. The topic is on “Feeding the Pciky Eater” so I thought I would make some healthy twists on kid’s favorites.

Chicken nuggets are a favorite for kiddos. Not only do children love them but they are so easy to make that parents tend to use them as a backup plan. The problem is that most chicken is not made from the chicken breast meat and often they are fried and have additives. This recipe is very easy and extremelty more nutritious than the chick nugget standby.

Simply take boneless, skinless chicken cutlets and using canola oil or an egg wash, cover the cutlet and cover with whole wheat flour or whole wheat bread crumbs. Simply sauté until chicken is cooked and enjoy.

This is a simple recipe that does not require much effort and is substantially healthier than processed chicken nuggets. In addition, making a homemade meal goes a long way with creating healthy feeding behaviors at home.