Many of you are going to read this and think that someone has hacked my email. I am a city girl…born and raised in the heart of SF and love everything city. Love the noises, love the pace, love the diversity, the grit and all that comes from living in an urban environment.

That being said, something is changing in me and it all comes back to food. I have a growing passion, desire and somewhat obsession to learn where my food comes from. It started off slowly but over the last year, I have been craving to get my hands dirty, grow food and learn the details of farming.

Over the last year as these thoughts run through my mind I startle myself! “Did I really just think that?” It’s been an interesting journey!

One of the reasons I love cities and especially San Francisco is because it is continually reinventing itself and is always improving. San Francisco is a leader in the local foods movement and there are so many cool communities being created. A perfect example of this is 18 Reasons, the educational arm of Bi Rite Market. 18 Reasons offers classes, workshops, dinners and a variety of programming to create a community for people to deepen their relationship with food. For me, it feels like home.

This past summer they created 18 Reasons Farm School. FARM SCHOOL! For the past 5 months, me and 10 of my new farm buddies drive up to Sonoma one Saturday a month and work on the Bi Rite Farm–1 acre of land that is growing produce for the Bi Rite deli.

I have had so much fun! Have any of you harvested potatoes? Oh my goodness! You just keep digging and potatoes are hidden in the earth like an Easter egg hunt (not like I have ever done one of those but I think it is what they are like!). This summer we harvested potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, beans, cucumbers, carrots, mixed greens, squash and more. Last Saturday was the final class and we sat at the beautiful home of Sam Mogannam the owner of Bi Rite and enjoyed a feast of our beautiful bounty. Holy Harvest!

What a life changing experience. Every single step in this process has created a more positive relationship with food and made me even more excited to learn more, grow more, cook more and eat more!

Could this be??? Have I gone country?

Stay tuned….