How is your motivation these days? Are you still on summer vacation? Do you have every intention to work out, get back “on track” and start eating balanced, but it is just not coming together? Why is that?

When I work with my clients on finding motivation I first like to get down to basics and go back to the schedule.

Look at your schedule and find out what is working and what isn’t. Are you trying to get in for evening workouts but they are not happening due to other commitments? Can you wake up a bit earlier and workout before work? Can you get some more activity in on the weekends?

Are you planning on eating at home and cooking more but not making time to go grocery shopping? What is a reasonable day and time to get to the store? If it is not possible to make it in to the market, can you buy your food online or can someone else shop for you? Should you consider a meal delivery service or a chef? Can you make some dishes that will last several days so you don’t have to cook every night such as a roast chicken, frittata, quinoa and a big salad?

Do you want to eat healthier mid day but end up overeating? Are you bringing snacks with you to keep in your office, car or purse? What works for you on the go so you stay with your schedule?

When you want to get back on track take a good long look at your schedule and create a plan that works. You may feel guilty at first wanting to come into work later or asking people to move their schedules to accommodate yours but at the end of the day you have to find a plan that works! It is essential to long term change.

If you have the perfect schedule and everything is set for success but you still are not motivated, it is time to go deeper. What is holding you back? What is preventing you from wanting to succeed? It is time to ask yourself…what do you really want?

This gets into the nitty gritty of what will motivate you to make time for you, prioritize your health and your well being.

When you find the answer you will notice you also found your mojo!