Sunday after Sunday, year after year, my father and his best friend Jim have watched the 49ers lose. Thanks to Jim’s tickets they have their routine – Dad picks up sandwiches, they have their meeting spot and walk to the stadium. They barely sit through the whole game and come home with another loss. It is painful to watch but also inspiring to see their loyalty. They are true fans!

This season everything changed and now their 49ers are so close to the promised land. It is exciting! So as everyone gets ready to watch football this weekend the obvious question is….what are you going to eat???

Eat real food
Roast a chicken or grill up some steak or burgers
Roast vegetables to munch on
Make a bean or lentil salad
Eat some chili filled with beans, vegetables and meat if you like
Make a frittata filled with eggs and veggies
Enjoy some soup on a rainy day

Dippity Dip
Make a dip that has some punch and may even be healthy. Check out these recipes for a yummy bean puree, guacamole, hummus, red pepper spread, olive tapenade or yogurt dipping sauce. Use whole ingredients and notice how much better everything tastes! Think outside the box and see how easy and delish it can be.

Choose your snacks wisely
For crackers and chips – go whole grain, not very processed and baked or air popped
For sweets – get something you LOVE! Don’t waste time eating candy you don’t even like. Choose something that will satisfy that sweet tooth and move on.

Guess there is only one more thing to say….Go Niners!!!!