Deprivation and Guilt are two words that have been on my mind a lot. Not necessarily due to my own actions, but when I think of my clients and study participants. So often, someone knows exactly what they need to do to eat healthily, they have everything in their favor to be successful, yet it does not happen.

Instead, they vacillate between deprivation and guilt. They go on a super strict, extreme plan and deprive themselves of food….and then they cannot take it anymore, overeat and feel guilty.

What a vicious, frustration cycle to be stuck in! What can we do to get out of this?

To be honest, I am not certain. Many individuals I know are struggling with this and some are having more success than others to get out of it. Here are some suggestions:

Be honest with yourself – do you fall into this cycle? As I have been suggesting this topic to more and more folks, their eyes get wide as they realize this characterizes them so well, yet no one has explained it. Maybe…just maybe…when you become aware that you are in this struggle, you will stop being so all or nothing and find a way to get some balance.

Find a way to motivate yourself…that works for you. We all work in different ways. Some of us need accountability, some of us work well with rules and structure, some of us need more education…whatever it is, figure out what is going to motivate you. YOU. What is going to motivate you to stay on track?

You are worth it! Why live in such a destructive cycle of deprivation and guilt? It is exhausting and no fun. Believe in you. You can do this. You can live a life in balance without food causing such destruction.

As I said, I am not quite certain how to get around this one…but it is becoming my passion to support you to find balance. Balance, peace and joy with food. Imagine that?