“I hate to waste food”

I have heard this excuse several times in the last few weeks so thought it was time to bring it up. A common thought clients have when they discuss their struggles with portion size, is that they really hate to waste food and feel obliged to eat it rather than let food go to waste.

While I am touched by the thoughtfulness, I cannot let this be the reason why we overeat. Because here is the deal…if you do leave food on your plate, that food is not going to go to a starving child or homeless person. That food is going to be thrown away. I fully support making efforts to create less waste, but ultimately if you are overeating your meal due to not wanting to waste food, it is a lose-lose situation. The person in need is not getting that food…and you overate! 

So…to help yourself:

When eating at home, only serve yourself enough for one portion. Whether you eat family style or pre portioned plates, put the appropriate amount of food for you on your plate to prevent wasting. And have plenty of containers at home for leftovers and storage.

If you are eating out, ask for a to go box at the beginning of the meal so you can pre portion your food and get two servings out of a meal. Or portion out what you want and leave leftovers on your plate for a to go box. Or order less. Get an appetizer instead of an entree or split with someone you are eating with.

And to help others in need:

An app to help with leftover food!

And LOVE ugly food – that is they way to truly not waste food. 

So lets scratch this excuse off the list ok?