Last year, I was fortunate enough to spend a week at Canyon Ranch. They are doing incredible work and it was a pleasure to meet with doctors, dietitians, fitness specialists, meditation teachers, chefs, hiking guides – they are doing so much I cannot keep track! Every possible resource to support you in living a healthier life. Quite a week.

Of course, I was obsessed with the nutrition program and food. I was a huge nerd asking tons of questions. Cannot believe what they pull off everyday. They have designed a menu created by dietitians, chefs and home cooks and have a recipe database that is beyond extensive and impressive, I had to share. Their recipes are typically low sodium, low fat and focused on clean ingredients. They use a lot of spice and herbs to add flavor and use vegetables to increase fiber and texture to all their foods. They are incorporating all the habits we should all be doing everyday but we do not have a “recipe development team” at home so I thought I would pass these along. 

I learned a lot over my week, but what I took home with me was that it is essential to create your own wellness center within your everyday life. It is easy to exercise every day and eat clean when it is all being handed to you, but what resources do you need to create a solid routine at home, so you can live healthy and well every single day? The key is to remember you need help! This is not meant to be achieved alone. We all need our wellness team. All of us! Whether it is hiring a health professional, signing up for an app, or joining a gym or community support group…reading a book, whatever are the habits that you want to focus on, ask for help and guidance to support you in reaching your goals.

One part of your team could be a recipe database. Here are a few recipes I grabbed that looked tasty. Check out all they have to offer – hundreds of goodies for you! Enjoy!


Cajun Poached Eggs 

Red Lentil Salad

Bitter Spinach Citrus Salad

Black Coconut Rice 

Cod with Olive Salsa and Artichoke Fritters 

Curried Chickpea Wrap 

Chocolate Truffles

Who is on your team? Who can be your support system? What do you need to live well everyday?