How to make a New Year’s resolution that will actually work

Originally written for The Washington Post, Dec 26, 2017 With the new year approaching, it’s time to set goals, get inspired, and create a new routine for your health and wellness. Making a great New Year’s resolution and sticking to it can cause significant change in your life. Unfortunately, many set themselves up for failure … Read more →

Got 10 minutes? You can do this workout.

Originally written for The Washington Post, October 11, 2017 We often get derailed in our exercise routines because we can’t fit the perfect workout into our day. We think we must go to a gym, or a certain class, or use a particular technique. And we end up doing nothing at all. According to the annual … Read more →

A measly 1% could change your life

A week has 168 hours, if you spent 2 hours a week meal prepping/batch cooking – a measly 1% of your week, I’m extremely confident you would be at a happier weight, overall healthier, create a positive relationship with food and have less anxiety and stress during the week.  Seriously! And I’m not one to guarantee anything, … Read more →

Changing your perspective about weight loss may change the outcome, too

Originally written for The Washington Post, July 27th, 2017 I’ve accepted that many people don’t want to meet with a dietitian. It’s assumed that we’re going to suggest eating bland, healthy, nutritious food, and avoiding all the tasty treats. Quite frankly, sometimes a version of that is true, causing a vicious cycle to occur. Clients … Read more →

Small steps: Really basic ways to add exercise to your day.

Originally written for The Washington Post, August 24th, 2016 There are many reasons that people avoid exercise. Time is an obvious one. Our lives are already busy — who has time to work out? Money is another common excuse. Gym memberships and equipment can get pricey. People often wonder what type of exercise they should … Read more →

What’s real and what’s myth when it comes to caffeine?

Originally written for The Washington Post, July 11th, 2016 It is often assumed that caffeine is not good for you. Many view it as a guilty pleasure, addicting, unnecessary and certainly not pro-health. There are so many questions around caffeine: Does it burn fat? Is it dehydrating? Will it improve my athletic performance? Will it prevent … Read more →

Yes, healthy habits can include alcohol

Originally written for the The Washington Post, May 2nd, 2016. I have learned a lot about people’s habits while working as a dietitian. What continues to amaze me is how easily things become a habit. Unfortunately, not all habits are healthy. There’s a new, hot “superfood” that becomes part of your breakfast for the next 10 … Read more →