Yup, you read that correctly. Me, Jae Berman, the girl you know who is born and raised in the city, loves a fantastic pair of shoes or a gorgeous purse and was a notoriously picky eater as a child is going to kill her own Thanksgiving Turkey on Sunday.

How? Not sure of all the details but a knife will be involved—and yes I will have to pluck the feathers. (PS. My Dad is coming because he cannot believe I am doing this—I am using him as my back-up in case I freak out! Thanks Pops!)

Where? Gospel Flat Farms in Bolinas, CA. They are a beautiful family farm doing fantastic work to create a community more connected to where their food comes from. If you live in the area you should check out their Farm Stand. It is a must!

What? These are Heritage Breed Turkeys sourced from Bill Niman. The Turkeys are raised under the most humane circumstances are are heirloom breeds to conserve genetic diversity and historic breeds.

Why? Why would a city girl likeme want to experience this? All I can say is I want to know where my food comes from. I want to be more connected to my food and experience what really goes in to each step of me eating a meal. I want to see the journey of my food from from start to finish—the farm to the dinner table to my belly.

I am getting a very mixed response when I tell people…from confusion, fascination, surprise, disgust, joy and bewilderment. Why is this so strange? I understand it is a little out of the norm but why are we all so separated from our food? And why is that accepted as the norm?

I cannot wait to experience this and spend the holiday cooking a beautiful meal with my family and appreciate all that I have. I find the whole experience fascinating and cannot wait to see what happens this weekend. Stay tuned…

Wish me luck!!!