Imagine someone told you that a billion dollar lottery ticket was inside a room—just walk inside and find it. You open the door and the room is pitch black. You have your arms out in front of you to make sure you don’t hit something, your heart starts racing, you get anxious and are scrambling trying to find the prize. OR you walk in, the lights are on and right in front of you is a beautiful golden ticket for your taking.

January 1st is in 39 days. Are you going to spend these days stressed, stuffing food in your mouth, guilt ridden for eating too much and angry with yourself when your clothes don’t fit? Or are you going to spend this beautiful time of year aware, in control and taking steps towards your goal?

You decide. This is all about YOU. You are in control of how you handle the food and drinks and sweets that are upon us for the next 39 days. Am I being a little dramatic? Maybe. However, all I keep hearing is “Well, it’s the holidays” or “I guess I am going to start gaining weight now” or “ I have to eat because that’s what you do on the holidays”… Sound familiar? Walk into every situation this holiday season as if you are walking straight towards a winning lottery ticket and enjoy the rewards.

I wish you all the happiest of times these next 39 days filled with celebration, family, friends, laughter, love and health. I believe you can have it all and not gain a pound.

Do you think you can do it?