Baby Steps and Quick Sprints

There is a lot of discussion around behavior change and making new habits. But how do you get them to stick? Baby steps and quick sprints. Baby steps – what is one small step you can do towards reaching a goal? People are finding that the cumulative effect of thinking of change in baby steps adds … Read more →

A way of life

A client of mine just got back from a week at a fancy spa in Mexico. Tough life right? Well, I was beyond thrilled when she wrote the following about her trip: Big takeaway: I like being really physically active, and I’m going to find ways to build more activity into my daily routine. This … Read more →

There’s no crying in baseball!!!

Maybe it is because spring training is in full swing, or the baseball guys at USF, who I work with, are fighting hard in their season, but I cannot help but think of the movie A League of their Own. Do you know it? There is a scene, where a very sweet outfielder, is screamed at by … Read more →

Orthorexia – Have I gone too far?

I read this article a few weeks ago and continue to have mixed feelings. It discusses how there is a new eating disorder (or disordered eating) emerging as many are becoming so focused on the foods they eat, the level or processing and where their food comes from. It is called orthorexia. Unlike anorexia, which addresses how much you eat, … Read more →

Ambivalence Mode

Ambivalence – The state of having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone. Many of you want to eat better, make smarter choices, improve your health, lose weight, exercise more, feel better….yet you cannot seem to put one foot in front of the other to create the change. You say “yes” but your actions … Read more →

Salads – Cozy, Satisfying and Exciting – What???

When folks are “on it” with their nutrition, salads become a big part of their life. A “salad with chicken” is pretty textbook for lunch and what happens is you eat salad after salad after salad, get bored and angry and then you (understandably) break and overeat.  Salad should be a part of your life as they … Read more →

Me on TV! Shop Smart – Eat Local – Live Well

I had a blast a few weeks ago filming this segment for a new ABC show called Bay Area LIFE. We went to the Farmers Market at the Ferry Building Marketplace to talk about how to be a smart consumer. If you do not shop at a farmers market, please consider adding it to your routine. It is the best … Read more →

Recipes! Enjoy!

Hi guys! One of my responsibilities as a dietitian is to cruise the internet looking for recipes…so I picked up a few and thought I would share. Enjoy! Zucchini Boats – Five Ways Homemade Chicken Soup followed by many soup recipes to try Date – Coconut Energy Nuggets Chicken in Milk (yes I wrote that and … Read more →

Eat With Confidence

About six months ago, I had a call with a client who was desperate to lose weight. She was frustrated, doing everything “right” and could not figure out how to get the pounds off. She also informed me she had just started a super extreme diet – 500-800 calories per day and taking supplements. I expressed … Read more →

Red Light! Green Light!

Happy new year everyone! Do you remember that game Red Light Green Light? Ever play it as a kid? In the oh so special way my brain works, I started thinking of this childhood game with regards to resolutions. Green Light! I am going to lose weight I am going workout every morning I am going … Read more →