How obsessed should you be?

A common frustration and concern I hear as folks learn how to eat better or pay more attention to food is that they are now “hyper-focused and obsessed” with what they are eating…”is this healthy?” “I am reading every ingredient, I am asking waiters what is in all the food I order, I am looking … Read more →

Breakfast?!? Yes or No?

When it comes to nutrition, there are only a few things I am certain of, and one of them is eat breakfast. I do believe it is the most important meal of the day and an absolute game changer when it comes to managing physical and emotional hunger. I saw on the Today Show a segment on … Read more →

Inside Out

Have you seen the movie Inside Out? I just loved it. Such a creative perspective on emotions and the mind. It got me thinking about how many individuals I know who struggle with emotional eating. I want to highlight two points that were sparked from the film that relate to food and emotions. 1. We eat for joy…we eat for sadness…we eat for … Read more →

One Pound a Week

My Stanford participants are working hard…creating behavior change, learning how to eat differently, taking care of themselves and getting healthier…progress! But, it occurred to me a few weeks ago that many of the participants are struggling more than I realized and I couldn’t figure out why…and then it hit me. They are losing .5-2 pounds a … Read more →

I wish I had the courage to….

A new group of participants just started at the Stanford nutrition study I am working at and after the first class, I received a handful of emails from a few newbies saying, “I am terrified to do this….but excited…I need help.” When faced with the reality that they were going to commit to this study and … Read more →

Simple Rules

A client forwarded this article to me last week and I had to share. So simple. So clear. So real. Yes, I am a dietitian and talk nutrition all day long…and work in nutrition research…but the truth is we do not really know that much about nutrition. Kinda crazy considering how much people spend on nutrition products … Read more →

Eating fat makes you…thin?

As many of you know, I am working on an exciting research study at Stanford comparing low fat to low carbohydrate diets. There is one participant who was assigned the low fat diet – she has been following a very low fat diet for a year now and having slow and steady weight loss. Very, … Read more →

Matthew McConaughey is a lucky man

Yes, he is one good looking man and seems to be having fun no matter what he does…and says things like “All right all right all right…” and people love him – but why is Matthew McConaughey such a lucky man? He is married to a gorgeous woman who understands the importance of COOKING IN BULK!  Forget the … Read more →

Exercise? Or take a nap?

A client wrote me this the other day: “I’ve had this dilemma recently. Do I take a nap or go to the gym? I haven’t been sleeping my needed 8 hours because of my kids having trouble sleeping through the night. Any words of advice? Maybe one day gym, the next nap?” What do you … Read more →