Stress and Set Point

I have been a fan of the show The Biggest Loser since it started. I am fascinated by the participants and learning their stories of how they became morbidly obese. Watching their behavioral and emotional breakthroughs often would bring me to tears, and watching their workouts would motivate me to go to the gym. That being … Read more →

Heartbroken over Carbohydrates

I was recently asked to write another article for The Washington Post. The editor suggested “Carbs and Exercise” as a topic and I immediately got to work. My first thought was to write about how people often exercise too much and do not eat enough carbohydrates and how this often leads to weight gain, or lack of … Read more →

Drink up! Well, not really.

Last week, I was fortunate enough to write an article for The Washington Post. The article was titled “Yes, healthy habits can include alcohol.” When the editor asked me to pitch a few articles ideas, of course I suggested an article on alcohol, since as I have mentioned to all of you, oftentimes all I discuss is … Read more →

How to Own Weight Loss

I was meeting with one of my weight loss groups participating in the study at Stanford I am working on and one participant opened up that he is struggling. Really struggling. He knows what to do, is eating healthy food that is in line with the low carbohydrate diet he is assigned to as part of … Read more →

If You’re Happy and You Know It….Eat?

A colleague passed along this video of the Weight Watchers commercial played during the Super Bowl. It probably does not surprise you that I did not watch the Super Bowl…but I hate that I missed this ad! It is fantastic! Please watch – it’s a minute long – go. Click here. My favorite line is “If you’re human, eat your feelings, eat … Read more →

Go Against Your Instinct

I am a big believer in listening to your body and trusting your gut instincts. But, there is an instance where the body can play a very clever trick on you. It is not being cruel on purpose, it is all with the intention of survival, but sometimes we need to outsmart our survival instincts. Sounds strange, … Read more →

3 Things to-do this Weekend so you Succeed Next Week

Happy Friday! Many of you are excited to exhale, take a few days off, and “not think” over the weekend. I get it. And I look forward to it too! But, if you think, plan and motivate just a bit, your week next week will be healthier, more productive and a week from now – next … Read more →

HALT when Hungry

Dr. Param Dedhia, eloquently suggested when you feel hungry, “HALT” and assess what is really happening. H – True physiological Hunger A – Feelings of Anger, Agitation, Anxiety or Annoyance L – Feeling Lonely T – Feeing Tired Allow yourself to take a pause to understand your true feelings for why you are hungry, then you can then decide if food is going to assist you. If you are … Read more →

Healthy Canyon Living

Last year, I was fortunate enough to spend a week at Canyon Ranch. They are doing incredible work and it was a pleasure to meet with doctors, dietitians, fitness specialists, meditation teachers, chefs, hiking guides – they are doing so much I cannot keep track! Every possible resource to support you in living a healthier life. Quite a … Read more →