Defending Food, Plants & Fat

Man oh man nutrition is confusing. Sorry pals, but it is. I know I am your nutrition expert and you come to me with all your burning questions, but the truth is there is so much that is unknown and even more that has been miscommunicated over the years. And I work in research and still … Read more →

6 Tips for Living Well in 2016

Happy 2016! Wow time flies – and here we are. How are things going? Off to a good year? Started the year motivated, fired up, focused and on track? Or is the craziness of life already getting in the way? The new year is an excellent time to set intentions for the year to come. However, we … Read more →

Travel Tips – Avoid The Holiday Weight Gain!

I am on vacation – yay! I wrote this message last week so I could unplug and go off the grid for a week. You can confidently assume I am relaxing poolside right now with a big smile on my face.  Thought I would take this opportunity for a blog on some solid travel tips. The “all or … Read more →

Me in The Huffington Post (!!!) and Getting Back in the Saddle

Thrilled to announce that I am part of The Huffington Post Blogger network! Yesterday, two of my articles were published – click here and here. So excited for what is to come. And thank you thank you to Mary and Lisa for the introductions! Please share, tweet, follow, like and spread the love!Social media and PR experts out there? Help! Any chance you … Read more →

Bottom Heavy

I heard this expression with regards to meal timing the other day and had to share. A fellow sports dietitian suggested to her athletes not to make their day “bottom heavy” – meaning, do not save all your calories and food for the end of the day. Such a good visual when you think about planning your … Read more →

Climbing Mountains and Surviving Mars

Been in the mood lately to watch others taking on deathly adventures. Not sure what that means…but I recently watched the film Meru and just finished the book The Martian and loved them. Highly recommend both if you are a wanna-be-adrenaline-junkie like myself. Wow! Both describe unreal events….climbing uncharted territory and hanging from a mountain during a storm in a portaledge which scares the heck out … Read more →

Deprivation | Guilt

Deprivation and Guilt are two words that have been on my mind a lot. Not necessarily due to my own actions, but when I think of my clients and study participants. So often, someone knows exactly what they need to do to eat healthily, they have everything in their favor to be successful, yet it does … Read more →

Hate to waste food?

“I hate to waste food” I have heard this excuse several times in the last few weeks so thought it was time to bring it up. A common thought clients have when they discuss their struggles with portion size, is that they really hate to waste food and feel obliged to eat it rather than let … Read more →

Chocolate Milkshakes

My best friend’s father has lost a nice chunk of weight in the last few years – so proud of him! When I asked him how he did it, he said his doctor provided some simple advice.. Eat less and move more. His doctor also asked him what is his favorite food, to which he responded … Read more →

September is the New January

Rabbit Rabbit!! It’s September 1st and for many of you, it feels like a new year with school starting, routines changing and feeling the need to get back on track. While I am not really a fan of New Year’s resolutions, I thought I would take advantage of your motivation and love of “jumpstarts and challenges” … Read more →